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Mapping to Geomatics…

Since our business has been expanded to mapping to spatial information technology, former Chuo Mapping changed name to Chuo Geomatics on November 2002. Chuo Geomatics was established in 1946, works on creating all kind of map, developing GIS data and Geographic Information System. Many of our customers and end users are national agencies and local governments, using map for their administrative task.

Paper Map:

We produce maps by drawing and printing on any size, from postcard size up to bigger than A0 size. Some of the main products are as followings;

  • - Topographical Map (Geographical Survey Institute, Japan)
  • - Chart
  • - The Geological Map
  • - City Planning Map
  • - Town Guide Map
  • - Agriculture Developing Map
  • - Map production by Desk Top Publishing

Geographic Information Systems:

We develop GIS by Java and other major development languages with major GIS engines, including open source geospatial software and libraries.

Spatial Information:

We have operated DRM(Digital Road Map) for car navigation for DRM JAPAN DIGITAL ROAD MAP ASSOCIATION . This data contains latest road network data.

Apps for Smartphones:

We develop map apps for Android and iOS. Our apps support disaster prevention, tourism and health promotion field.

Chuo Geomatics Co., LTD.
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  • mailto : head@chuogeomatics.jp
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